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Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

According to a study by Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people who do not receive email offers. Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods for earning business leads and has a very high ROI. The benefits to email marketing appear to be endless, but we’ve narrowed them down to these six:

Builds Customer Loyalty

Consumer needs to regularly interact with your business or brand to build customer loyalty. The for engaging with and marketing to an existing customer can be anywhere between 6 to 12 times less expensive than other marketing channels, such as paid advertising or social media marketing. Routine email marketing communications with the customer make it possible for any company to build a relationship while driving sales.

Email Marketing Expands Your Business’s Reach

Email campaigns are proven to have better reach and potential for engagement than traditional marketing methods. Seventy-two percent of email users check their inboxes more than six times a day. Another 92 percent of internet users have a minimum of one email account. Experienced marketers have the know-how to help you reach your target audiences on their phones, mobile devices and PCs all while staying CAN-SPAM compliant and non-invasive.
Tailored Communication for Different Audiences
Hyper-personalized communication is one many benefits to using email marketing to reach your audience. While traditional marketing methods focus on a broad message that delivers a blanket message to an audience, email marketing allows you to offer unique discounts and codes, personalized messages, and data-driven campaigns based on criteria such as birthdays, regions, CLV (customer lifetime value), and so much more. Instead of putting your effort into one campaign, you’re able to reach out with a personal touch.
Simple and Time-Saving Distribution
Email marketing is significantly less labor-intensive than traditional marketing. There is no postage to consider or labeling required for each campaign distributed. Email marketing allows you to communicate and engage with your full audience (whether it’s a few hundred, or a hundred thousand), in a matter of minutes.
A/B and Multivariate Testing Drive Strong Results
Email marketing offers a variety of ways to test and see if you’re hitting the nail on the head with your marketing efforts. With A/B testing, almost every component of an email campaign can be tested, from the subject line, to time sent, to the content within the campaign itself. This offers valuable insights as to where you might need to revise your strategy to drive the most engagement with your email campaigns.
Email Tracking and Analytics
Analytics and insights provided by email marketing platforms give valuable insight to the performance of your email marketing efforts and deployed campaigns. Engagement metrics that are most often reported on are: open rates, click rates and click-through rates, bounces, and conversions. Depending on the big-picture plans and goal you have with your marketing efforts, an experienced email marketing strategist can help decode the numbers and translate them to valuable applications to help better target your audiences.